Create Profitable Bids
That Win Fast

TruBid has been built and used by a Conklin Master Contractor with over 30 years experience on hundreds of projects. Conklin Contractors have relied on it to profitably grow their businesses over the past decade, too!

TruBid helps you:

  • Create profitable quotes in minutes
  • Get pricing on 22 different roofing systems instantly
  • Produce professional proposals that WOW prospects and close deals
  • Enter job data right from the client's roof in your tablet or laptop
  • And much, much more...

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A quick glimpse at the new TruBid

Setup your company info in minutes.

Capture every detail on each roof for accurate, profitable quotes.

Get the right pricing every time, including your discounts.

Generate 22 different roofing system quotes instantly.

More Features

See what TruBid can do out of the box, with many more features to come

Conklin Products Pre-loaded

Every Conklin roofing product is included, with available current pricing. So your proposals are always accurate.

Make Every Quote Profitable

Profit and overhead is calculated for every project quote, ensuring you are making money off each job.

22-Different Roofing Systems Included

Choose up to 22 different roofing systems to propose to your prospects to meet their exact needs.

Labor & Material Rates Pre-Loaded

Use our calculations from 20+ years of roofing, or adjust them to fit your team and skill level.

Instantly Generate Order Forms

Get the right products every time without having to fill out an order form.

Calculations Are Automatic

Over 500 calculations are done for every proposal, instantly & automatically. Discounts are completely adjustable, too.